Ref: 4897

Capacity: 100T
Working range: 68-1048mm
Stroke: 200mm
Side stroke: 245mm
Width: 730mm

Safety instructions and warnings:
•Use a qualified person to maintain the press in good condition
•The maximum load is 100T. DO NOT exceed this rated capacity. Never apply excessive force to a workpiece and always use the pressure gauge to accurately determine the applied load
•Use this press for the purpose for which it is intended
•Keep children and unauthorized persons away from the work area
•Remove ill fitting clothing
•Wear ANSI approved impact safety goggles, full-face impact safety shield and heavy-duty work gloves when operating the press
•Keep proper balance and footing, do not overreach and wear nonslip footwear
•Only use this press on a surface that is stable, level, dry and not slippery, and capable of sustaining the load
•Inspect the press before each use
•Check to ensure that all applicable bolts and nuts are firmly tightened
•Ensure that workpiece is center-loaded and secure
•Keep hands and feet away from bed area at all times
•DO NOT use the shop press to compress spring or any other item that could disengage and cause a potential hazard
•DO NOT operate the press when you are tired or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any intoxicating medication
•DO NOT allow untrained persons to operate the press
•DO NOT make any modifications to the press
•DO NOT use brake fluid or any other improper fluid and avoid mixing different types of oil when adding hydraulic oil
•DO NOT expose the press to rain or any other kind of bad weather
• If the press need repairing and/or there are any parts that need to be replaced

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