KROFtools outer bearing puller: how to use

KROFtools outer bearing puller: how to use
KROFtools outer bearing puller: how to use


Find out how best to handle a KROFtools outer bearing puller.

Kroftools' bearing puller can be an authentic lifesaver when you have a blocked bearing stuck into an axle or shaft.

In addition to helping with rusty bearings and gears, which do not make the job any easier for us, it can also help with bearings and gears that are heated mounted.

In this article, we will show you how to mount a bearing and the step-by-step process that will allow you to remove the shaft from the bearing simply and effectively.

Heating-mounted bearing: how it is processed

A bearing that requires heating mounting will not fit unless it first goes through a heating process.

Heating causes the bearing to expand and become larger interior diameter while it is hot.

At that time, the bearing can thus be mounted on the right place. As soon as the bearing cools down, contract and firmly tighten the shaft.

This assembly process is so effective that it is a real challenge to disassemble a one-axle bearing. Fortunately, we have the KROFtools bearing extractor to help us.

KROFtools Bearing Extractor: 3-step procedure

1. Start by opening the tool claws by tightening the outer thread.

2. Once the claws are open, position the conical tip against the shaft and close the claws firmly around the bearing.

3. Now all you need to do is tighten the inner thread to pull the shaft out of the bearing.

It is that simple!

This is a common challenge in all workshops, but with KrofTools bearing puller it will become an easy task .

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